Where are you going?

Have you ever stopped for second and the question hit you, "where am I going in life?" If it hasn't it most certainly will at some point. We are made for a purpose and one of the most frustrating puzzles we'll ever solve is discovering where we were meant to go in life.

Making that discovery has become the great mystery of life for many people. Opportunities abound. Career fields are being created daily. There are more college programs, institutes, universities, certification, and... well you get the idea. You get it because you are living it. So where does one start... or should I say... "restart discovering my destination?"

It's Easy, It's Fun, It's Important

How one will discover their purpose will vary from person to person. Yet, it's never going to happen if you don't spend time thinking about it. Worrying about it doesn't count! Design a few peaceful moments throughout the week and guard that time. Allow no exceptions.

What is effective is quieting your mind on a regular basis and sitting down with the question. "Where am I going?"

Brainstorm. Write down your thoughts. Throw those ideas up on a dry erase board and box them up and move them around to piece that puzzle together. Talk to a trusted friend. Preferably the most creative people you know. Start the conversation today and let it unfold.

In addition to those steps, when you are serious about discovering your destination, hire a Life Coach. Coaches have designed our lives and expertise for this purpose... and we're good at it! Think of a Coach as putting a turbo on discovering your destination, overcoming the inevitable obstacles and helping you clarify the path you are seeking.


Take Action!

  1. Design a peaceful moment.
    • It's a place. It's a mindset. It's a cup of coffee and a notepad. :-)
  2. Brainstorm your destination and write it down.
    • This is the big step. What is in your head, is different in writing. Write it down.
  3. Share your thinking on your destination with a respected friend.
    • Ask them to brainstorm with you. Find that overly creative friend for this.
  4. Find a Life Coach.
    • Life Coaches are modern day experts in walking with people who want to move forward in their life. Get one! 
Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.

Concept >>>  Stop and think about your destination.



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