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What'cha Think'n?

What are you thinking about? Nothing comes out that doesn't first go in. Since Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, professors, friends, family and co-workers are what's going in, guess what inevitably has to come out? That is not to say that anyone of those are bad. The idea is to get your mind wrapped around what is shaping your thoughts. This is probably not a big secret but may very well be an aspect of a fulfilling life that gets neglected. So, let's do a little coaching to move us forward in this meaningful area of self awareness. Specifically asking, what is influencing our thinking? Then let's put our foot down on what needs to go and what needs to be added. A Game Changing Challenge Schedule a day to raise your awareness of what is coming out of your mouth. That's usually a good indication of what has went in. The scary part is that, if what is coming out of my mouth is a lower standard than I want, maybe my actions have been compromised as w

The Language of Flowers

This one is fun and mostly for the fellas, but you ladies may find some value here. Flowers are powerful. They have the ability to send many messages. It could be gratitude, love, sympathy, get well, I support you, I'm sorry, and just about any other positive sentiment you can think of. I will confess right now. I really do not understand the impact that flowers have on the ladies. I just know they do. We as the giver may have our intentions as to why we are giving the flowers but the message received is 100% on what the receiver is thinking. You can look up what the color of flowers represent and the effect of aromas but there is another language, "Flower" language, that speaks words and conveys thoughts that we fellas cannot. Just a Few Examples I give flowers to say, "thank you." They are received as, "he apologizes." I give flowers to say, "I dig you." They are received as, "he supports me." I give flowers to

Too Much Information

We have a true modern day challenge. There's unlimited information and we want it all, but it's just not possible. What we are observing is, our society is getting overwhelmed with too much information (TMI) and it's perpetuated by our desire to soak it all in. This should tell us that the fix to this "overwhelm" is within ourselves. Now there may be many ways to combat the endless live stream of data, but how about this one? Temet Nosce | Know Thyself To do this, we are going to need some time to thoughtfully answer a few vital questions we haven't been asking. Take a shot at these questions and compare your answers to what you see happening in your TMI moments. Who are you?  What gets you excited? What is important in your life? What values do you cherish the most? How do you uphold the values that represent you? Where do you want to go? What would be an even a bigger vision to the previous question? Values Inspection Those are valu

Your People Strategy

We can feel like we need to accomplish, alone. This is simply not the truth. Fullness in our life requires us to connect with others. We don't need to have dozens of friends but we do need a few friends... a few good ones, that is. There isn't a study out there that shows that human beings are better off in solitary. In fact, it's the exact opposite. Is it true that we have been hurt, slighted, mistreated and/or misunderstood by people? Yep! Yet, the happiest, most fulfilled people have these tragic stories, just like us. I guarantee it! So, what is the secret? Connect with people, but not just any people. Create a "people strategy" and do it on purpose. Find someone to help or serve, on purpose.  Make a friend, on purpose.  Interview a mentor, on purpose.  The good news is you get to pick your friends. Let's avert our focus from the quality of our friendships and instead, examine the quality of our choice in friends.  Our friendships ar