The Language of Flowers

There is another language,  "Flower" language, that speaks words and conveys thoughts, that we fellas cannot.

This one is fun and mostly for the fellas, but you ladies may find some value here.

Flowers are powerful. They have the ability to send many messages. It could be gratitude, love, sympathy, get well, I support you, I'm sorry, and just about any other positive sentiment you can think of.

I will confess right now. I really do not understand the impact that flowers have on the ladies. I just know they do. We as the giver may have our intentions as to why we are giving the flowers but the message received is 100% on what the receiver is thinking.

You can look up what the color of flowers represent and the effect of aromas but there is another language, "Flower" language, that speaks words and conveys thoughts that we fellas cannot.

Just a Few Examples

I give flowers to say, "thank you."
They are received as, "he apologizes."

I give flowers to say, "I dig you."
They are received as, "he supports me."

I give flowers to say, "I hope you feel better."
They are received as, "he likes me."

I give flowers to say, "I apologize."
They are received as, "he heard me."

Once my wife was mad at me and said, "... and don't get me any flowers!" Which I thought was unusual. So, I was really curious... and brought them anyway. I braced myself for the exchange but something weird happened.

She did get angry but I watched as the flowers started talking. Her demeanor went from rage, to reasoning, to talking it out, to putting things into perspective, to a plea for me to understand and then a thank you and an apology for getting so upset.

I just tried to stay quiet and let the flowers do the hard work. Wow! and did they ever. :-)

Of course, no one can guarantee a result quite like that but aren't you curious?

Pretty Much Any Circumstance Will Work

Honestly, I have given up on figuring out the translation. Flowers have a language all their own. I just know they work. They pretty much work in nearly every situation but "what works" is not quite clear. However, I do like the result!

I have given flowers to say all of the following and probably more:

  • I love you
  • I like you
  • I appreciate you
  • Thank you
  • I hope you feel better
  • I apologize
  • What's up? 😉
  • I'm grateful
  • I'm confussed
  • Congratulations
  • I just like to see flowers in the house. 😏

They pretty much worked every time. So many times, I'm not sure if the flowers were saying what I intended but I think they said something more. Something better. Something that I can not put into words or really would have thought of.

Is This Coaching?

You know we coaches like asking questions, so here we go. The best question to ask at the end here is, "is this really coaching?" My answer is, "you bet it is!" Flowers have been an underused practice to a fulfilling life and holding up your values. I'm just here to remind you. The flowers will do the rest.

Take it from your Coach, fellas... give flowers. Give lots of flowers! Give them to your girl, give them to your potential girl, give them to your mom, to the receptionist when you go to an interview, daughters, aunts, nieces, friends, someone who is sick (even the fellas), or even when you go to someone's home.

Giving flowers works. The more you give the more comfortable it becomes and they leave a lasting impression.

Think of the first few times as a test run. See what happens. "What" happens, I have no idea. I don't speak, "Flower." I just give them and reap the benefits.


Flowers work for our benefit by speaking a language men do not understand.


Take Action!

  1. This one is easy today.
    • Buy flowers.
    • Give them away. 
  2. Words are not necessary.
    • Let the flowers do the talking.
    • Question: "Why did you get me these flowers?" 
    • Answer: "Just because." 
    • Then shut up! The flowers are talking. :-D
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