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What is a Discipleship Coach?

There are several skills used in Professional Coaching that are developed through use, experience under different conditions, understanding the language of coaching and an acute intuition. There may be other specific factors for coaches in different niches, but the mindset, execution and skill set has many commonalities across coaching specialties. The Life Coaching Industry One factor that can play an important role in coaching is experience in the specialty the client is being coached around. If you know anything about coaching, you probably know that coaches focus on drawing out the values and knowledge in their clients, to help them reach their objectives. The coach is curious and helps hold focus on the clients stated objectives, on behalf of the client. Coaches believe that the client has the answers but not necessarily the questions that reveal those answers. So a coach remains invisible. Coaches get a lot of "thank you's" but in the end the client finds t

Overcoming is The Only Option

Life does not weep for you when you miss opportunities. In fact, most people will not weep for you either. The obstacles are not the problem. Unsavory people, are not the problem. These things are a constant presence in the fabric of our lives. Overcoming in spite of these things is the mindset that is required. If that is difficult to get your mind wrapped around then the next best step is to get help. Life's challenges are going to continue to come. So, let me remind you of something that you probably don't thing a lot about. You were made for this moment! Made for This Moment This is true, indeed. So, how can today look different than yesterday. How about this? Try new resources that bring about a different perspective. As a Professional Coach I can not help you with problems or your resources but together we can do something better. We can help you find the perspective you need to overcome those challenges. Take a look through this blog. There are some fantasti

Are You Respecting Your Time?

Time is inelastic. It's flow is unobstructed and we cannot get more. With any resource that is non-renewable, we must show it the ultimate respect. Unfortunately, it is something that we ignore but always want more of. Yet, we don't really spend a lot of time thinking about how best to use it. John C. Maxwell , author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership, makes the point that we don't actually manage time. We manage ourselves! That's exactly right. We can't change or slow the time continuum so that just leaves us with what we can manage. So, then, how do we manage ourselves? A great way to wrap your mind around the importance of making the most of your time, is to ask a few seasoned citizens how they feel about how they spent their time. "Do you wish you had more time?" "What else would you have liked to have done?"  "What does it feel like to have the real sense that time is short?&qu

Write it Down!

How many great ideas come to you during the course of a day? If you have an awareness of your passions you will inevitably have those "stream of thought" moments where your mind pours out pure gold. So, how can we bring those thoughts to life? Write them down! An Antidote to Missed Opportunities As you may know, many of those ideas slip into the aether of our mind, never to be found again and yet the emotion and passion they brought forth in your head and heart was deeply moving. These are seminal moments in our lives that we have a tendency to take for granted. Don't do that! The antidote to missed opportunity is to write it down! Remember that great definition for luck? It's where preparation meets opportunity. Think about that for a second. Now ask, "what opportunities have I missed because I wasn't prepared?" Nearly every opportunity that is before us is going to require managing information. Big ideas are going to have many details. T