Overcoming is The Only Option

You were made for this moment.

Life does not weep for you when you miss opportunities. In fact, most people will not weep for you either. The obstacles are not the problem. Unsavory people, are not the problem. These things are a constant presence in the fabric of our lives. Overcoming in spite of these things is the mindset that is required.

If that is difficult to get your mind wrapped around then the next best step is to get help. Life's challenges are going to continue to come. So, let me remind you of something that you probably don't thing a lot about. You were made for this moment!

Made for This Moment

This is true, indeed. So, how can today look different than yesterday. How about this? Try new resources that bring about a different perspective.

As a Professional Coach I can not help you with problems or your resources but together we can do something better. We can help you find the perspective you need to overcome those challenges.

Take a look through this blog. There are some fantastic ideas about being better, planning, finding your vision and understanding the most meaningful things in your life. However, the ingredient you need to get these things all working together, is to discover a higher perspective.

Think of your perspective as something that is formed through critical thinking. Professional Coaching isn't designed to solve problems, although that is a common result. It actually is a skill that aids in mining out the internal values and resources that we rarely have in the forefront of our daily thought process. That is critical thinking!

Since these things are not in our daily thinking we have a tendency to forget them and we make decisions that are contrary to our core beliefs. The inevitable results are a lack of fulfillment or at worse, complete disappointment and frustration.

Critical Thinking 1
Disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence.
Perspective 2
1. A way of regarding situations, facts, etc, and judging their relative importance
2. The proper or accurate point of view or the ability to see it; objectivity.

Good Thinking, Great Thinking

Good thinking produces good results. Great thinking produces great and wonderful results. Do I need to expound on bad thinking? Not really but can you see that your thinking today is your result tomorrow. Critical thinking mines out details that inform a new perspective which drives quality thinking moving forward. Now that's cool!

Time is going to pass. Take a moment to look forward 20 years. Does that put at 40 years old? 45? 50? Take a second to really zero in on that time. What would you like to see?

What does that look like if you continue forward with your current approach?

If this is unclear or not so good, then be sure to get help. Look at your family, your career, your friends, your dreams and say, "I can make the change that will impact all of this!"

Find a Professional Coach to build a relationship with. I'm a coach! I would be honored for you chose me to come alongside you for a season.

A coach is going care about you more than you know and work hard to put a turbo on your development for personal, relational, and vocational goals. They will help you clarify, broaden and understand your values and your personal vision. They will help you to expose obstacles that prevent you from succeeding.

You were made for this moment. So, step up and get the thinking and perspective that it's going to take to overcome.


Take Action!

  1. You were made for this moment!
    • You have the answers.
    • What you don't have, you can discover.
  2. What do you want 20 years from now to look like?
    • What has to happen over these next 20 years?
    • Think through the details of your vision. 
    • Please read, "Write it Down" to maximize this work.
  3. Update your thinking.
    • Remember the definition of Critical Thinking above:
      • Get clarity.
      • Take a rational approach.
      • Be open-minded.
        • Exercising the skill and ability to receive new information and not dismiss it before evaluating and attempting to understand its value.
      • Get informed by evidence.
  4. Get a fresh new perspective.
    • What are the core values that are most important to me?
    • How do I uphold them through the next 20 years?
    • Let the details of your values inform your vision. 
    • Please read, "Write it Down" to maximize this work.
  5. Connect with this Life Coach.
    • Invest in yourself this year.
    • Coaches are friendly, fun and focused. 
    • Coaches are designed for this purpose... walking with you in the dream.
    • The Inquiry Call is free! 
    • We truly do want you to have more life in your day by helping you walk in your dream and be the person you want to be.
  6. Fill out the 60 second, Inquiry Call Form.
    • It's a chance to ask questions and get answers.
    • The form is designed to kick off your thinking process. :-)
    • Why not?

Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.

Concept: You were made for this moment. 



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