Are You Respecting Your Time?

Time is inelastic. It's flow is unobstructed and we cannot get more. With any resource that is non-renewable, we must show it the ultimate respect. Unfortunately, it is something that we ignore but always want more of. Yet, we don't really spend a lot of time thinking about how best to use it.

John C. Maxwell, author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership, makes the point that we don't actually manage time. We manage ourselves! That's exactly right. We can't change or slow the time continuum so that just leaves us with what we can manage. So, then, how do we manage ourselves?

A great way to wrap your mind around the importance of making the most of your time, is to ask a few seasoned citizens how they feel about how they spent their time.

  • "Do you wish you had more time?"
  • "What else would you have liked to have done?" 
  • "What does it feel like to have the real sense that time is short?"
  • "Do you wish you would have organized your time better to accomplish more?" 

It won't take a lot of probing to find that time better spent is a longing of many, if not most.

We've raised our awareness of the value of time with this exercise. We also understand, that managing time is actually managing ourselves. What else can we acknowledge that will shine an even brighter light on the value of time? That's next!

Time Awareness is Linked to Purpose

Let's see if this resonates. Could it be that not spending our time wisely is a result of not understanding our purpose?  If we have realized that we have been designed for a purpose, we've probably been seeking out every little time saving tip and technique that we can find.

If we are struggling with our purpose, time most likely slips by nearly unnoticed. You may look up occasionally and think, "Wow! Where did this year go?!?" If that's the case, it's time to rethink the value of your time.

If you feel like you are "mailing it in," waiting for a day when you "feel ready," or "I'll be in a better place," you may find that day is a long way off.

Discovering what your purpose is, is not a feeling. It's not about being "ready." It's about necessity and it's about your purpose. Get curious about your purpose, and the value you attribute to time, will begin to feel priceless.

Easy Start, Big Results

Books are a great source for learning excellent time management tips, tricks and techniques. They will introduce great self-management ideas and most will be very easy to implement. Pick the ones that you like and start doing them right away. Make these new techniques your own and understand how they work. Add other tips and techniques as you vet through the many possibilities.

These are just a handful of the great books out there on the subject of time management and a great place to start:


Take Action!

  1. What is your purpose?
    • If you don't know it, make a list of things that are on your mind about you and purpose?
    • Write down the things you value.
    • Write down the things you enjoy doing.
    • Discovering your purpose takes a little time. 
    • Be persistent. Gather info, think it through and keep it in front of you.
  2. Be an expert at writing down the ideas that come to mind.
  3. Ask others about their self-management tricks. 
    • It may be a respected mentor, friend or family member.
    • Talk to the person in your circle who is getting the most done. Connect with an achiever.
  4. Read a Time Management book or two.
    • You don't have to implement every tip or technique.
    • Pick a couple to start with and work your way up. 
    • Pick the ones you like.
    • Develop your awareness where you can grow in efficiency.
    • Remember that you're not really managing time. You are managing yourself! :-)
  5. Connect with this Life Coach.
    • Invest in yourself this year.
    • Coaches are friendly, fun and focused. 
    • Coaches are designed for this purpose... walking with you in the dream.
    • The Inquiry Call is free! 
    • We truly do want you to have more life in your day by helping you walk in your dream and be the person you want to be.
  6. Fill out the 60 second, Inquiry Call Form.
    • It's a chance to ask questions and get answers.
    • The form is designed to kick off your thinking process. :-)
    • Why not?

Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.

Concept: Time is valuable and a limited resource. Use it well.



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