What is a Discipleship Coach?

A vision of Christian Discipleship

There are several skills used in Professional Coaching that are developed through use, experience under different conditions, understanding the language of coaching and an acute intuition. There may be other specific factors for coaches in different niches, but the mindset, execution and skill set has many commonalities across coaching specialties.

The Life Coaching Industry

One factor that can play an important role in coaching is experience in the specialty the client is being coached around. If you know anything about coaching, you probably know that coaches focus on drawing out the values and knowledge in their clients, to help them reach their objectives.

The coach is curious and helps hold focus on the clients stated objectives, on behalf of the client. Coaches believe that the client has the answers but not necessarily the questions that reveal those answers. So a coach remains invisible. Coaches get a lot of "thank you's" but in the end the client finds their own answers. The "thank you's" are for the questions... not the answers. :-)

Since the coach never needs to "add" information, an Executive Coach can be very effective with a client who needs to lose weight. A Marriage Coach can be very effective with a business client. This is why the general field of Professional Coaching is many times simply referred to as, Life Coaching.

Strategic and Thoughtful

In coaching, although the backbone of what we do is draw out information, strictly from the client, and challenge perspectives, there are times when a coach can, with strategic and thoughtful awareness, add value through a few techniques.

One of these strategies is to brainstorm with the client. Anyone can brainstorm with a client on any topic, but there can be "added value" to the client, if the coach has knowledge of, or is an expert in the field the client is being coached around. In a similar situation, a Business Coach may be able to inform the client of a business resource that may not be as apparent to a Health Coach or a Senior Transition Coach.

A Professional Coach's goal is to keep themselves out of the conversation and they will do this 99% of the time. Our goal is "100% YOU," 100% of the time. However, as you can see, a coach can add value in the coaching relationship through other expertise, at times.

The Professional Discipleship Coach

As a Christian Discipleship Coach, it can be a valuable asset to the client to have a coach who understands the experiences, the vocabulary, the joys and the challenges of their walk with Jesus. Christian Discipleship is a rare thing in our culture. Having a Professional Coach who focuses in this area is a valuable asset to Christian's who truly want to grow in their relationship with the Lord.

My Discipleship Coaching grew out of the discipleship work I was doing with brothers in Christ. Some of these men were new Christians and others had known the Lord for a while. In our discipleship relationship I was able to communicate the concepts, processes and walking with the Lord. This led to great motivation, quality decision making, focus and action in their relationship with the Lord.

However, I realized that there was something that I was missing. Although, these men were growing in the Lord and taking action, that action wasn't to the degree I thought it would generate. I could see it but I did not understand where to go to get this next level response I was seeking in these men of God.

Please, understand that these men were doing great. Yet, I knew there was more for them and I kept that desire and prayer, to take them further, before the Lord. One day my wife sent me an email saying I should check out Life Coaching. I didn't know a thing about it.

A Discipler's Journey

Well, since my wife is right about me, 100% of the time... or let's say, 99 to 100% of the time, I jumped online and started doing my research. It didn't take long to realize that the Lord (through my lovely wife 😍 ) guided me to the communication piece I was missing. Enter Life Coaching!

The skills I had adopted for coaching were exactly the skills that I was teaching in discipleship. I had detailed on my discipleship website, In The Cool Zone, the techniques of being an expert listener, curiosity, powerful questions, direct communication and other skills. However, the way those things are used in coaching is much different than what I was doing and yet complimentary to the process I was taking these men through.

Coaching turns out to be a natural and very effective extension of discipleship. It is a complementary function where a disciple is informed, guided and equipped through discipleship, and coaching puts a turbo on their ability to take action and maintain sustained action. It's an effective and compelling combination that aids and informs the disciple in moving forward.

Discipleship that includes coaching becomes a full immersion into discipleship.


Take Action!

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Concept: Discipleship with coaching is running with purpose. 



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