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Who You Love is Who You Serve

Love has a way of being tricky to identify. If we want to step back and evaluate who and what we love, we can take a look at who and what we serve. Where do we spend our time? Who gets our attention? Who are we thinking about? Serving and Fulfillment Where you put your effort is where you love. Now, we generally only have these discussion about romantic love, but that's not what we are talking about here. Romantic love has a way of taking care of itself. What we are talking about is our core values and how we are committed to them. Unfortunately, our values are not always reflected in our lives, the way we wished they were. We love many people in our lives. We love God, our spouse, our parents, our children, our friends and others. A good measure of how much we love someone is revealed in how we serve them. Where we serve has a big impact on our fulfillment. If we say we love our family but we don't serve them well, we will ultimately get down the road and be unfu

What do you want?

Take a second to think. What do you really want? Many times we'll find that what we want is actually something that we feel is "missing." When we feel like something is missing in our lives we crave a variety of solutions that may not be the solution to get you where you want to go. The sooner you find out what these things are, the sooner you can understand and fill that gap with the the right things. If we can avoid or at least minimize missteps along the way we can get there quicker and maybe even redeem our time a bit. Let's Work Through It What is Missing? Make a quick list of what you feel like you are missing. Write these things down . This could be anything from a car to a mindset. Maybe it's a relationship, health or a feeling. Maybe it's several things. Take time to brainstorm as big of list as you can. Set a timer for 10 minutes and stay in a focused brainstorm mode until it goes off. If you run out of ideas 3 minutes in, stay in this

Pick a Dream To Coach Around

Have you ever thought about getting your own Life Coach? If you did, what would you like to be coached around? Let's get to it! Following is a very short list of common reasons someone connects with a coach, for perspective, planning and determining what it's going to take to achieve. Which objectives stand out? What other objectives are on your mind that will require smart planning and strategizing for tomorrow? Life-work balance. Improving relationships. Mentoring/Discipleship development. Better performance. Discovering your passion. Losing weight. Improved fitness. Advance management skills. Career transition. Veteran transition. Starting a business. Planning for college. Raising productivity. Stress management.  What has to change to get to where you want to be? Planning and Strategy Planning and strategy are far too many times, things that we overlook. We'll spend hours and days putting together campaigns, sales pitches, and getting train

How Do You Get Focused?

Have you had those moments where you have far too many things to do and have a hard time trying to figure out which critical task to start with? Oh, yea, for sure. Anyone who has marked out their path, with even the most modest of goals, is going to continually run into the " more tasks than time " dilemma. So, let's not take up more of your time and get to the point. We recommend that you continue to use strategies that you have found effective but then test the following mindset strategy to see how you can best implement it. We know there is no one strategy of focus for all of humanity. We need to discover what calms our soul and moves us forward on an individual basis. So, take a moment and see how you can integrate the following steps that help us get focused. Stop what I'm doing. Forget everything else.  Hyper focus on my first task. Be grateful. A peaceful demeanor. Make it a competition/contest. Celebrate... every chance you get! ~~~~~~~