How Do You Get Focused?

We need to discover what calms our soul and moves us forward.

Have you had those moments where you have far too many things to do and have a hard time trying to figure out which critical task to start with? Oh, yea, for sure. Anyone who has marked out their path, with even the most modest of goals, is going to continually run into the "more tasks than time" dilemma.

So, let's not take up more of your time and get to the point. We recommend that you continue to use strategies that you have found effective but then test the following mindset strategy to see how you can best implement it.

We know there is no one strategy of focus for all of humanity. We need to discover what calms our soul and moves us forward on an individual basis. So, take a moment and see how you can integrate the following steps that help us get focused.
  1. Stop what I'm doing.
  2. Forget everything else. 
  3. Hyper focus on my first task.
  4. Be grateful.
  5. A peaceful demeanor.
  6. Make it a competition/contest.
  7. Celebrate... every chance you get!


Take Action!

  • Stop everything I'm doing and thinking.
    • Take a deep breath. 
    • This isn't just for when you are stressed. 
    • Good breathing leads to good thinking.
    • The best time to practice calming yourself is before the stress can come.
  • Forget everything else.
    • Narrow down your thoughts to one objective.
    • Forget everything else. 
  • Hyper focus.
    • This task is everything.
    • What do I need to do right now?
    • How do I want to do it?
    • What's first.
  • Let your gratitude reinforce your focus.
    • What is good about have this task?
    • How can you be the reason this is successful?
    • How are you going to feel when you complete this task?
    • It's good to be focused. :-)
  • Let your peaceful state of mind lead you.
    • My mindset is strong.
    • My peacefulness makes me bold, creative and effective.
    • My peace gives me stamina and resilience.
  • It's a competition and I'm the predator... not the prey.
    • How can I be the best in this?
    • What gives this task quality and value?
    • How quickly can I complete this task?
    • If this is the olympics, I'm going for the gold!
    • How do I finish strong?
  • Celebrate... every chance you get!
    • Is it a fist pump or a victory shout... or both?
    • Big or small, live in that victory.
    • Give me that next task! I'm a warrior!

Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.


A strategy to get focused has many benefits and develops fortitude. 



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