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Take Every Opportunity

When is a good time to really buckdown and get laser focused on our goals? At More Life in My Day we recommend taking every opportunity to start that process! Immerse yourself into that dream and don't come back. :-)

Many times we are waiting for the right moment to make our move. So when is that ideal moment?

Any moment! That's right. Pick one and run with it. A few good ones are, your birthday, the new year, the first of the month, Monday, when I get home, and dare I say... RIGHT NOW? Yes!

Look, it's far too common that folks haven't started working on their dream because they just don't know how to start. Or they have started and are stuck on some point. It could be a prior commitment, work, family, school, etc. Well, let's just start here! Right in the mess. All things being equal, none of these things are going to go away. So then how do you move forward?

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Merry Christmas!


What's Better, Action or Intentions?

What is better? Action or intentions? It may be that both are equally important!

So, what gets results? Intentions or action on those intentions? We'll that's not too hard. Action, all things being equal, is what brings results. However, let's not discount the function of intentions and look at how they work together.

Let's keep this simple. The challenge is getting from intentions to the action. As professionals of our lives and work, if we show up, the job gets done. So how do we get past intentions?

Think of intentions as partners to our action. Intentions are good! The question becomes, "why can we not move from intentions to action?"

Is it possible we don't take our own intentions seriously enough? If so, let's ask, "how do I raise my awareness in my intentions?" Great question. Let's see what that means...

Where are you going?

Have you ever stopped for second and the question hit you, "where am I going in life?" If it hasn't it most certainly will at some point. We are made for a purpose and one of the most frustrating puzzles we'll ever solve is discovering where we were meant to go in life.

Making that discovery has become the great mystery of life for many people. Opportunities abound. Career fields are being created daily. There are more college programs, institutes, universities, certification, and... well you get the idea. You get it because you are living it. So where does one start... or should I say... "restart discovering my destination?"

It's Easy, It's Fun, It's Important How one will discover their purpose will vary from person to person. Yet, it's never going to happen if you don't spend time thinking about it. Worrying about it doesn't count! Design a few peaceful moments throughout the week and guard that time. Allow no exceptions.

What is…

Curiosity... How Can You Get It Back?

Have you found that you are taking way too much for granted in life? Maybe you're overlooking the important things in life because your time and energy have been sapped and you just can't slow down the pace. There's an antidote!

I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother
to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.1
- Eleanor Roosevelt
Curiosity leads to discovery. Curiosity also replaces fear with healthy wonderment. Developing curiosity is a strategy to create a new perspective. A new perspective creates new opportunities.

So, design a strategy and document your results. Make it a fun competition. Find a friend who would like to develop their curiosity as well. Set a common goal and then see if you both can reach it by the end of the week.

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Curiosity...Where Did It Go?

What is curiosity? It is, the desire to learn or know about anything; inquisitiveness.1

We learn even more about curiosity when we look at synonyms. Words such as the following seem to shed light on an explorative mindset and a sincere desire to know something.

Concern, Interest, Eagerness, Inquisitiveness, Investigation, Questioning, Regard, Searching, Thirst for Knowledge
The ability to be truly curious equips us with a mindset that fosters creativity, problem solving and supports our emotional and mental disposition. It’s the antidote to fear, with which, one shrinks back. Curiosity is a skill that moves us forward in life.

Curiosity is not something that just happens to us. It once seemed so natural, but as an adult it has become a skill that requires attention and development. This has become a key component for Life Coaches. There are many things that a coach will help develop in a client, and provoking curiosity is central to that work.

“The only barrier to truth is the presum…

More Life In My Day Coaching Is Born

More Life In My Day Coaching is born. The purpose of this website is to present professional Life Coaching by Rob Haley. A new perspective opens up a world of possibilities.

New content is being generated to meet our goals and the goals of those who are brave enough to go places in their life that they always wished they could. This site should serve as an information hub for helping you discover areas in your life where coaching will be a true value to your daily efforts.

We are here to keep you looking forward. That's where there are undiscovered treasures. So let's make every effort to identify what those things are for you!

Rob coaches to help you find the greatest value in your endeavors. There is no value in fear. Therefore, let's seek love. There is no value in despair. Therefore let's find our passion. There is little value in looking back. Therefore let's move forward.

Take Action! Together, empower you to be the person you wish you could be.
We think tha…