Curiosity... How Can You Get It Back?

Have you found that you are taking way too much for granted in life? Maybe you're overlooking the important things in life because your time and energy have been sapped and you just can't slow down the pace. There's an antidote!

I think, at a child's birth, if a mother could ask a fairy godmother
to endow it with the most useful gift, that gift should be curiosity.1 
- Eleanor Roosevelt

Curiosity leads to discovery. Curiosity also replaces fear with healthy wonderment. Developing curiosity is a strategy to create a new perspective. A new perspective creates new opportunities.

So, design a strategy and document your results. Make it a fun competition. Find a friend who would like to develop their curiosity as well. Set a common goal and then see if you both can reach it by the end of the week.


Take Action!

  1. See the world through a child's eyes.
    • Actively look for things you haven't "noticed" in your regular routine. Set a goal to identify 3, 5 or 10! things that you had not noticed before. Can you do it every day?
  2. Empathy, truly caring for fellow human beings.
    • Every person has great value and is irreplaceable. What makes them so unique? How can you impact their life?
  3. Be curious about people's lives.
    • How can you learn one new thing about each person at work, school... at home? Discover something new about your Mom, Dad, Spouse, child, friend.
  4. Ask questions... lot's of questions.
    • Create a quick list of 3 or 4 questions you can breakout at a moments notice.
  5. Challenge yourself to learn as much about someone you see a lot, but actually don't know much about them.
    • "Where are you from?" and "tell me about your family?" or "what are your favorite hobbies?"
  6. Challenge yourself to learn as much about a topic, a thing, a process (what else?), as you can.
    • "What's important about this?" and "where did it come from?" or "how does it work?" or "how could it be done better?"
  7. Commit to silence in conversation. Oxymoron? Nope! Ask a question and let the answer come. Then ask that person, "what else?" Then commit to silence. Rinse, Repeat!
    • Try to use your time asking and listening.
Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.

Concept >>> Curiosity is a strategy.



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