What's Better, Action or Intentions?

What is better? Action or intentions? It may be that both are equally important!

So, what gets results? Intentions or action on those intentions? We'll that's not too hard. Action, all things being equal, is what brings results. However, let's not discount the function of intentions and look at how they work together.

Let's keep this simple. The challenge is getting from intentions to the action. As professionals of our lives and work, if we show up, the job gets done. So how do we get past intentions?

Think of intentions as partners to our action. Intentions are good! The question becomes, "why can we not move from intentions to action?"

Is it possible we don't take our own intentions seriously enough? If so, let's ask, "how do I raise my awareness in my intentions?" Great question. Let's see what that means...

Heightened Awareness in Our Intentions

Here's an important note to get our mind wrapped around. Intentions are not where we are at. They are where we want to go. They are inspiration to do something good and to do it well. The creativity is fun and exhilarating.

Yet, we may mishandle our intentions. We do not get them on the drawing board and we have to, regardless of how small they may be. In addition, we take more joy in the creativity of the idea than the execution of it. We may find that we are even celebrating as if we have the end result rather than the beginning of something.

Example: Someone talks about all their lofty intentions as if they have attained them. That person is probably not going to reach their destination.

Intentions are a work of the mind. Many times they are like mini-goals. Maybe not well thought out but probably good things to do. They may even be related to larger goals in life.

Let's learn to work well with our intentions and begin to develop them a little deeper. Take them more seriously.

Add "intentional" to intentions. That could work! Heighten your awareness of your intentions. Turn them into something concrete in the real world. Get them on the drawing board.

Intentional means to be done with intention or on purpose.1 A powerful synonym is "designed."

How can you be a designer of your intentions?


Take Action!

  1. Give even the smallest intention importance.
    • Let no good intention be lost without making it concrete.
    • Ask, "how does this connect with my daily/yearly/life needs and goals?"
    • Practice with the small things and work your way up to the bigger challenges.
    • If the small things are important, the big things will be even more so.
    • Celebrate the idea, not the result. Save the victory celebration for the achievement. 
  2. Write it down.
    • Yes! Write it all down. Find a way. Carry a small spiral pad, a journal, use OneNote (my favorite!), Evernote or Google Keep
    • Milk? Check! It's written. Mow the yard? Check! It's written. Develop a training series? Check! It's written. You get the idea.
    • Follow through with brainstorming and planning.
  3. Look at your intentions from many angles.
    • Ask, "what will this get me?"
    • Ask, "what needs to happen to fulfill this idea?"
    • What else?
  4. Assign value to your intentions.
    • Ask, "what values am I supporting in this intention."
  5. Envision completing the task or goal intended.
    • Ask, "how am I going to feel when this is completed?"
  6. Celebrate when it's complete.
    • Is that a fist pump for you? Maybe, a victory shout? Celebrate it right! :-)

Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.

Concept >>> Intentions and actions working together.



1 Dictionary.com. “Intentional” Accessed 2017, December 20. Retrieved from http://www.dictionary.com/browse/intentional?s=t 


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