Pick a Dream To Coach Around

Planning and strategizing your life is highly valuable and fun. It gets you where you  'really' want to be.

Have you ever thought about getting your own Life Coach? If you did, what would you like to be coached around?

Let's get to it! Following is a very short list of common reasons someone connects with a coach, for perspective, planning and determining what it's going to take to achieve. Which objectives stand out? What other objectives are on your mind that will require smart planning and strategizing for tomorrow?

  • Life-work balance.
  • Improving relationships.
  • Mentoring/Discipleship development.
  • Better performance.
  • Discovering your passion.
  • Losing weight.
  • Improved fitness.
  • Advance management skills.
  • Career transition.
  • Veteran transition.
  • Starting a business.
  • Planning for college.
  • Raising productivity.
  • Stress management. 
What has to change to get to where you want to be?

Planning and Strategy

Planning and strategy are far too many times, things that we overlook. We'll spend hours and days putting together campaigns, sales pitches, and getting training for the company we work for, but barely a few moments on planning and strategy for our own lives.

It's a modern day cultural mindset that each individual has to overcome. This is why coaching seems new and has become an amazing avenue for helping the modern day person acquire skills that are no longer taught or valued in traditional schooling.

People come to coaching to get help sifting through their own thoughts, aspirations and goals. There are many facets of life that we are always dealing with at any one time. Many times, the urgent concerns of the day seem to leave no room for critical things one needs to move forward. We get suck in management and have no time or energy to create for tomorrow.

We certainly don't want to get down the road 20 years and finally, through frustration with our current condition, begin to plan for tomorrow. It's possible you've already done that. Well, today is the day to remedy this oversight.

Are You a Good Coaching Candidate?

Does everyone need a coach? Nope! We find in coaching that some are not even in a good place to be coached. Yet, if you are simply just trying to make a difference in your life and want to move forward with the things you would 'really' like to be doing, then it makes sense to start overcoming these obstacles and connect with a coach.

In the meanwhile, you can start your planning with a little help from our Brainstorming Your Change Strategy , Take Action plan.

At More Life in My Day, we do a free inquiry call to get your questions answered. No sales pitch. We just want you to understand coaching and how it benefits you... and if we fit, we coach! Easy. :-)


Take Action!

  1. Think about what you are curious to get coached around.
    • Use the list above to start.
    • Drill down into those areas and be specific. 
    • Mind map these areas of your life. It's insightful to see them connected.
    • What are the top areas you would like to organize your thoughts around?
  2. Be an expert at writing down the ideas that come to mind.
  3. Please contact us with your questions on discipling and discipleship coaching. 
    • We work with individuals and teams.
    • Invest in yourself this year.
    • Coaches are friendly, fun and focused.
    • Coaches are designed for this purpose... walking with you in the dream.
    • The Inquiry Call is free! 
    • We truly do want you to have more life in your day by helping you walk in your dream and be the person you want to be.
  4. Fill out the 60 second, Inquiry Call Form.
    • It's a chance to ask questions and get answers.
    • The form is designed to kick off your thinking process. :-)
    • It's free so, there's no risk. Only an opportunity.
Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.


Planning and strategizing now, creates the future you see in your heart. 



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