What'cha Think'n?

What are you thinking about?

Nothing comes out that doesn't first go in. Since Netflix, Facebook, Twitter, professors, friends, family and co-workers are what's going in, guess what inevitably has to come out?

That is not to say that anyone of those are bad. The idea is to get your mind wrapped around what is shaping your thoughts. This is probably not a big secret but may very well be an aspect of a fulfilling life that gets neglected.

So, let's do a little coaching to move us forward in this meaningful area of self awareness. Specifically asking, what is influencing our thinking? Then let's put our foot down on what needs to go and what needs to be added.

A Game Changing Challenge

Schedule a day to raise your awareness of what is coming out of your mouth. That's usually a good indication of what has went in. The scary part is that, if what is coming out of my mouth is a lower standard than I want, maybe my actions have been compromised as well.

Where do you think that stuff is coming from?

We need to find out, because the words we use are representative of who we are... not necessarily who we aspire to be. How about when you get upset? What are you thinking? What are you saying? Does it match your vision of fulfillment? It's worth inspecting.

I'll challenge you with this. What we think, say and do is a product of what we let in. A good way to train yourself to put in the right stuff is to take a really close look at your values. It's not hard to do. Take a quick read of, Values are Valuable, and see where you net out.

You may just find that your words and actions do not match the person you desire to be. If that is the case, let's do something about it right away!

There is a powerful perspective we can take to watchover what goes into our thoughts.

Guard your heart above all else
for it determines the course of your life.1 
What you say flows from what is in your heart.2


What you let into your mind is what comes out of your mouth and most likely steering your life.


Take Action!

  1. Schedule a day to inspect your input.
  2. Examine what is coming out.
    • What goes in, is what is coming out.
    • Do I approve of what is coming out of me?
    • If not, what is going in that I need to address?
  3. Master what comes in.
  4. Set a watchman to guard your heart.
    • Develop your awareness of where things come from.
    • Consciously reject the stuff that you don't want in.
    • "Does this input help me hold up my values?"
    • "What else, helps me guard my heart and mind?"
    • Ask a trusted friend or two, "what am I letting in that does not represent who I am?"
    • Please contact us with your questions on mindset, clarity and knowing yourself. 
      • Coaching is a powerful tool for developing your thinking that leads to sustained action.
      • We work with individuals, couples and teams.
      • Invest in yourself this year.
      • Coaches are friendly, fun and focused.
      • Coaches are designed for this purpose... walking with you in the dream.
      • We truly do want you to have more life in your day by helping you walk in your dream and be the person you want to be.
    • Have fun with, What do I want to be coached around?.
      • Click the link above.
      • It's a chance to ask questions and get answers.
      • The form is designed to kick off your thinking process. :-)
      • It's free so, there's no risk. Only an opportunity.
    Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.


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