Managing My Energy to Achieve the Dream

Our energy level is the long term challenge.

In general, most people can articulate the things they would like to accomplish in life. At first glance they may not know every detail but will have a few specific thoughts and maybe a fuzzy idea on how to achieve those goals. If someone does find the ambition to actually define those goals and mine out the details on how to get there, they run up against the next challenge.

Where am I going to get the energy to accomplish this goal?

Our energy level is one of several long term challenges. It's a strong move to evaluate and integrate energy management right from the beginning.

Energy Requires Fuel

The first step is to be aware that to get energy, we require fuel. The four areas that require this fuel are the physical, the mental, the emotional and spiritual parts of ourselves. There are things that are energy boosters and there are things are energy drainers.

The energy boosters are the fuel stations that keep us up and running. The primary energy booster is generally the dream itself. Then there are things such as, holding the vision up in front of you. We also can look forward and see ourselves in the moment of achievement. We can celebrate the milestones along the way.

Asking powerful questions about our goals is energizing as well. What does that look like? What kind of joy is that? What does that do for my family and friends? These are powerful reminders and questions that provide the fuel we need to sustain momentum. Stop at these fueling stations early and often!

The energy drainers can be many things. These are the things that can be missed in the planning stage and sneak up on your dream and stop it in its tracks. They can be our own attitude, an abrasive person, an annoying task, lack of sleep, a heavy schedule and others. These drainers must be eliminated, minimized and managed to prevent our fuel from leaking out.

Drainers will steal your dream if you do not attend to them. In a reciprocal way, we also need to attend to those things that fuel us and are our energy boosters. Mange them well and you will achieve your goals.

E = MC2, Energy, Motivation, Commitment

Energy speaks to motivation, commitment which bolsters our resolve. The first step is to be aware that energy in all areas needs fuel. We want to inspect our fuel tank and our fuel lines to repair any leakes. As we move forward we want to manage our fuel consumption. If we are mindful of our fuel gage and know where to get fuel, then we are ready to take the long trip that is before us.

Equipped with a plan to minimize and manage energy drainers we lock ourselves in for the long haul of real change and fantastic accomplishments.


Take Action!

  1. What are my energy drainers?
    • What am I tolerating? Make a list.
    • What can I eliminate completely?
    • How can I minimize an energy drainer that cannot be eliminated?
    • Who can help me with this drainer?
    • Who does this well, that I can ask how they manage this?
  2. What are my energy boosters?
    • How would you like to hold up your vision?
    • What is important about your vision?
    • What is my mission?
    • Who is inspiring me?
  3. How does this affect my goals?
    • What tasks or portions of my goals will require more energy?
    • What tasks create energy for me?
    • How can I delegate tasks that are energy drainers?
  4. Schedule a regular review of your drainers and boosters.
    • Revisit your list weekly/monthly/quarterly?
    • Review more frequently in the beginning as you learn to master this area.

Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.

Concept: Develop energy awareness and manage it well.



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