Vocabulary | A Reflection of Who We Are

A creative vocabulary colors a very different world and mindset of a thoughtful person.
What do I say and how should I say it? Vocabulary is a reflection of who we are, but not necessarily who we want to be. It informs our vision of life and oppresses it or sets it free.

Addressing our vocabulary isn't necessarily a moral work. It's a creative work!

With a quick Google search you can find articles telling us, that it's the really smart people who use curse words in their daily conversation but I don't think that's true. It's more likely a lack of creativity.

The smartest person in the room is not the guy/gal spewing profanities. It's the person with a "higher" word stock that breathes creativity and inspiring thoughts that builds themselves and others up.

Bad verbiage is rarely inspirational. It may be functional, but don't we have a vision of our life that is more than functional? You bet, we do!

Lazy Is As Lazy Does

We see in comedy, the lazy comedian goes right at the vile and vulgar to get the laughs. The thoughtful and creative comedian has to work harder until he develops his terminolgy but his end result will be a more intelligent product.

Can the lazy comedian be funny. Sure he can... but where in your life can you be effective rattling off a string of expletives... oh! and not get fired? lose respect of your peers? or end up feeling awful?

Honestly, who would want to?

If you've ever taken a creative writing class, the professor will ask you to take out the "very's" and find words that convey the same thought but in a deeper or more expressive way. It's a little difficult at first but once you start reeling off the adjectives it can be a lot of fun!

If I say, "That was very cool," that's a bit general. How about...
"That was emotionally riveting!"
"That validated my perception of relationships."
"That moved my soul."
Ok, your right. Sometimes it is "very cool," 😏 so clearly we're not Victorian era butlers either! Maybe there is a balance between the quick quips and a refined vocabulary. The emphasis here is that quips and trite vocabulary doesn't take much effort but developing a distinguished vocabulary does.

Vocabulary Creates Mindset

A creative vocabulary colors a very different world and mindset of a thoughtful person. Our culture certainly isn't going to help us develop in this way, so take time to replace the curse words, the very's, and the uh-huh's. If you want inspiration, adopt a stellar vocabulary, and there's no reason we can't find joy in the more unpolished words and phrases along the way.

Let's use the words that build our personal vision. Vocabulary can clarify and intensify that vision and has the creative power to shape our destiny!

A great tool for developing your vocabulary is the FREE Dictionary App. Download it and the Word of the Day is automatically set as a notification. Boom!


Vocabulary is a reflection of who we are!


Take Action!

  1. This is too easy... and kinda fun. :-)
  2. Connect with a friend with a rich vocabulary.
    • What's their strategy for adopting new words?
    • Challenge them by throwing out awesome word usage when they least expect it. 😀
    • Role play an imaginary scene that could be from a Sci-Fi, Adventure, Drama or Comedy skit. Have fun and throw out the kind of words that change lives. Always fun at a party!
    • How about a few rounds of, Words With Friends.
    • What else makes word usage exciting and fulfilling for you?
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