A Quick Diagnostic | What Have I Overlooked?

Be purposeful but this should be a fun and easy check-in.

Sometimes we get super busy and put far more things on the back burner than we wish we had. Some of those things can get forgotten in the rush. The disquieting part is, some of those things impact our ability to hold up our values.

What have I been putting on the back burner?

Is there something there that should have never been diminished?

How does that thing reflect on who I am and the values I want to hold up?


If we can find that thing that has been crowded out of our life and work it back into our daily walk, we may find our fulfillment is enhanced. It's a good, quick maintenance check-in to keep the main things, the main things!

What does this value/behavior/habit look like now?

What makes this so important?

How can I make this a natural part of my day?

What are the obstacles for doing it well?

How do I minimize distraction and maximize integration of this value/behavior/habit?

Tech Speak Analogies for Fun!

Definition of Diagnostic Programs
These programs test the onboard systems for issues and help to alert users of potential problems or breakdowns.
- wiseGEEK | Diagnostic Software
Diagnostic programs ideally provide the user with guidance regarding any issues or problems found during its operation.
- Wikipedia | Diagnostic Program


Do a values check-in from time to time. Something may have slipped!


Take Action!

  1. Schedule a day for your quick diagnostic.
  2. Track through the questions above.
    • That's it! 
    • Be purposeful but this should be a fun and easy check-in.
    • Focus in on one value/behavior/habit at a time.
    • The rest will come on your next scheduled Diagnostic Day! 😀
    • Please contact us with your questions on mindset, clarity and knowing yourself. 
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      • We work with individuals, couples and teams.
      • Invest in yourself this year.
      • Coaches are friendly, fun and focused.
      • Coaches are designed for this purpose... walking with you in the dream.
      • We truly do want you to have more life in your day by helping you walk in your dream and be the person you want to be.
    • Have fun with, What do I want to be coached around?.
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      • It's a chance to ask questions and get answers.
      • The form is designed to kick off your thinking process. :-)
      • It's free so, there's no risk. Only an opportunity.
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