Designing Peaceful Moments

This is where you will tap into your latent energy, values and intuition.


When do we really get a chance to slow our mind, sit and soak in our own thoughts?

We go from moment to moment, reacting to input that doesn't seem to stop or even slow down. It has the making of an I Love Lucy, episode of comedy and tragedy, that goes something like this: Lucy and Ethel wrap chocolates!

Masters of Time

If we can't think, we can't be ourselves and since we are moving from task to task all week it doesn't leave us with much time to actually think. We become expert at simply responding and diminished in creativity, patience and an additional long list of other virtues that get neglected.

Time is what it is. So, we have to make it serve our needs. It is a courageous and proactive step to block out and guard our time to give our mind a chance to work for us rather than always giving it over to everyone and everything else.

It may seem as if we need to get away from the noise because the noise is bad or evil. It's not! The noise is not the enemy. It's a natural and an exciting part of our lives. It's the steady overdose of noise that causes us to be overwhelmed and lose ourselves. This is common in our modern culture.

A life spent in perpetual noise makes us more and more reactive and less proactive and that's just not good for clarity. Therefore, purposely designing peaceful moments becomes necessary. These moments are the lifeblood for our creativity, planning and thoughtfulness. This is where you will tap into your latent energy, values and intuition.

The very reason for More Life in My Day is to walk with hard working people, not to add more time to their day, but to add more life to their day!

MercyMe, is a band that wrote a song with inspirational lyrics that speak to the questions of, "do I need more time in my day?" or "do I need more life in my day?" Here is a link and short excerpt from that song:

Life in My Day

 by MercyMe
My cell phone's ringing and I'm running late
Morning traffic's got me
Time is ticking away
A few more hours is all that I need
Seems like there is just not enough days in a week

But then it hits me
Time is not the answer
You've given me all the time in the world
All that I need is
A little more life in my day


Take Action!

  1. Find a quiet place.
    • This may be a couple different places. Work, home, other...
    • Do you like being around people or alone?
    • Think about the ambiance that helps you focus? 
    • Do you like it a little more light or little more dark?
    • What do you want to see, hear, smell, taste during this time?
  2. Have a plan.
    • It's a time to slow the mind and feel the peace.
    • What can you bring to these moments that makes peace for you?
    • Forget everything else except what you bring to this moment. 
    • Do a quick stretch.
    • Smile. Even if it's just a "yeah," kinda feel. :-)
    • Take a nice deep breath. It feels great.
  3. Schedule Time.
    • It can be anything from once a week to twice a day.
    • Put in on the calendar!
    • No one is going to create this time for you. 
    • Be clear about your resolve to get to these moments.
  4. Guard these peaceful moments that you have designed.
    • Guilt is not allowed in this space!
    • Until you get a little practice with going to your peaceful moments, things are going to begin to look more important. People are going to want your attention. Think about the verbiage your going to need to tell yourself and others. "I've got an important task to attend to at noon."
    • Guard this time. 
    • These are the times where you are developing the you, you were meant to be. 
  5. What else?
    • What helps you get "in the cool zone?"
    • Coffee, tea, snack, your tablet, a pen and paper?
    • Music, a nice incense or an eye cover? 
Please, add your thoughts in the comment section.


Master your time to think. Design your peaceful moments. 



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